Bletchley Park to London

A 50 mile challenge to deliver an encrypted message before it's too late...

It's 1941 and the United Kingdom is in terrible danger. Luftwaffe bombs are raining down on towns and cities across the nation. The Royal Air Force guards the skies and the Navy protects the seas, but the threat of invasion has never been higher. German spies could destroy our telephone network at any moment, so the Home Guard is tightening up security around the capital.

Your mission is to help us secure a new line of communication from Bletchley Park to the Cabinet War Rooms in London. We need you to walk the 50-mile route, making contact with key agents to solve puzzles along the way. Can you figure out the code and deliver the message before it’s too late?

It is up to you how you would like to complete the walk, the challenge can be completed over a few days, or the whole month, but you need to reach the 50 miles before the 31st July 2020. You can crack the codes as you go or save them up until the walk is complete. Once all the codes have been successfully decrypted you must decipher the final message and deliver it to Winston Churchill.