Operation Bletchley 2020 is now closed.

Thank you so everyone who took on their mission and supported ABF The Soldiers' Charity this summer, your support has been fantastic and we hope to see you back again in July 2021.

Operation Bletchley is your Virtual Codebreaking Challenge. Your mission is to cover either 50 or 100 miles on foot and crack the codes as you go. With brand new codes to crack for 2020. Have you got what it takes to deliver your final message before time runs out?

Alongside the original 50 mile codebreaking challenge we are delighted to announce our epic 100 mile Paris mission, taking you to the heart of Nazi controlled France as you link up with resistance fighters across the country.

With three levels of codes; junior, codebreaker and cypher expert to tackle get the whole family together this summer - you have 1 month to complete the challenge starting on the 1st July.

Thanks to all our code breakers, so far we've raised...


How it works

Operation Bletchley is a virtual event that you can take part in anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works...
  1. Sign up for just £10 and link your phone or fitness tracker to your fundraising page (you can also record your distance manually if you prefer)
  2. Start walking at your own pace (from 1st July)
  3. Receive updates and codes to crack at regular milestones - three levels are available - Junior, Codebreaker or Cypher Expert
  4. Codes will be delivered straight to your inbox and you can select your level then
  5. Solve the codes to decipher the hidden message
  6. Complete the journey and deliver the message by the 31st July

Bletchley to London - 50 miles

Your mission

You must help us secure a new line of communication from Bletchley Park to the Cabinet War Rooms in London... Can you figure out the code and deliver the message before it's too late?

Bletchley to Paris - 100 miles

Your mission

You've been dispatched behind enemy lines in France and must successfully deliver the encrypted message to a secret agent waiting for you in the heart of Paris. Can you make it before time runs out?

The difference your generosity can make

£50 - could help cover travel costs so a veteran can attend a job interview.

£75 - could go towards the cost of a temporary wheelchair ramp, allowing an injured soldier to enter and leave their home.

£250 - could contribute towards the care home fees of a frail elderly veteran who requires continuous care.

£1000 - could help pay for home adaptations so that a veteran’s young disabled child can live in a safe and accessible environment.

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